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April 2018

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Patrick Manning

Why Consult the Laity? A Theological Justification
Bridie Stringer

The Undivided Heart
Philip McParland Emerging ChristianityEmerging Christianity
David Harold-Barry, SJ

Learning from the Past
Tomás Surlis Homilies for May (B)
News and Views
A.C.P. World Meeting of Families
Featured Review
John-Paul Sheridan A Musical Offering
New Books
Thomas O’Connor ‘Restless ambition’: the life and times of Dean John Patrick Lyons (c.1798-1845)
Cait O’Dwyer, RSM

An Astonishing Secret
Frank Regan

I Have Learned from the Least
Niall P. Lynch The Age of Glass
Bishops of Ireland

Pastoral Message for 2018 on the Right to Life – Two Lives One Love
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