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December 2018

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Luke Macnamara OSB The Three Rs of Exceptional Health Care – A Benedictine Perspective
Daniel O’Connell

Catholic primary schools – on rapidly thinning ice
Desmond Egan Romero Lives – ‘If I am killed I shall arise’
Andrew McMahon ‘New’ Ireland and Pope Francis
Hugh MacMahon The Challenges for Ireland: Returning Missionary’s View
Jonathan Burroughs Caught in a Bind: Experiencing the Akedah
Neil Xavier O’Donoghue Homilies for January (C)
News and Views
Bernard Cotter Reflections on Halloween.
New Books
Niall Ahern Pope Francis in Ireland
Michael Collins The Beatitudes of Pope Francis
Oliver Treanor The International Eucharistic Congresses
John-Paul Sheridan Christ’s Illumination Upon Every Heart
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