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January 2021

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+ Brendan Leahy Rekindling the Passion for Christian Unity: So that All may Believe
Edmond Cullinan A Revised Lectionary?
Diarmuid O’Murchu Covid-19, Immunity and Religion
Kevin O’Gorman Samaritanus Bonus
Neil Xavier O’Donoghue Redeemably Awful: Music
Kevin Liston A Complementary Voice in Catholicism
Lydia Mannion / Richard Casey Truth in Troubled Times: Catholic Education and the Mental Health of Young People in Contemporary Ireland
Mary T. Brien Homilies for February [B]
News and Views
Bernadette O’Reilly Another Schism?
New Books
Martin Pendergast Forbidden Fruit
Kevin O’Gorman, SMA Peace Smiles
Margaret Hickey Burning Heresies
Reg Naulty Paul Stenhouse: A Distinctive and Distinguished Missionary of the Sacred Heart.
Reg Naulty The Inner Self
Pope Francis Fratelli tutti
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