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Children of Priests


Coping International was launched to provide a pastoral and psychotherapeutic space for people that segments of our society would rather forget, children of priests and religious. Launched amid little fanfare, in December 2014, funded by Archbishop Diarmuid Martin of Dublin, www.copinginternational.com was left online for over 30 months without any marketing campaign and without media interference.In August 2017, Coping International went public in the Boston Globe. In the interim period 2014 – 2017 the site data was closely monitored. How many people out there needed help and were actively looking for help? By the time the story was published in the Globe, www.copinginternational.com had received more than 400,000 hits in 175 countries, with 1.6% of the hits in 2016 coming from the following search-phrases, “I am pregnant, and the father is a Catholic Priest.” That figure today is north of one million hits on copinginternational.com.