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Community and the Holy Trinity


Michael Conway in his article in the September 2019 issue of The Furrow (“Building Christian Community in Contemporary Culture”) made important observations about how to rebuild the Catholic community, which inspires me to offer some ideas about looking to the Holy Trinity as the model for human communities.
Father Conway concludes that rebuilding Catholic communities requires a significant departure from the way the communities are structured today. In many cases, the renewed communities may not be centered on the parish priest; they may consist of small groups (building the community from the bottom up); people may relate more to spiritual and interpersonal experiences than to doctrine, liturgy, or sacraments; and the renewed communities may need to accommodate diverse ways of life and of thinking. Father Conway envisions the possibility of “a new form of institution (-ality)” emerging “to support the life of faith” (p. 465). He suggests that the early church may be a better model for the renewed community than the Church as it exists to today.

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