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In Memoriam – Ronan Drury


In the year since his passing at a youthful 93, Fr.Ronan Drury has left a genuine and indelible void in the lives of his family, many friends and colleagues. His warm welcome from The Furrow office ‘den’ for visitors high and low, his intense interest in matters great and small throughout the dioceses of Ireland and above all his kind and hospitable nature to those who spent time in his
company or met him on a daily basis, have left a notable vacuum in the corridors and cloisters of his beloved Maynooth as well as the hearts of his friends.
Shortly after his passing I was fortunate to come across a neat and meticulously handwritten notebook that he had kept for many years. It was obviously regularly perused. On the first and last pages he signs it ‘Thomas R. Drury.’ Within are found numerous and diverse excerpts from selected authors, saints, scholars and poets.