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June 2017


Noel O’Sullivan
I Believe in God – Receiving the Word
Gabriel Daly, OSA

Creation: A Meditation
Kevin Egan / Cora Lambert
Trauma in the Church – Naming the Symptoms
Dominic Meehan
Letter to Brendan Hoban
Eamonn Conway
Why Faith Schools Matter and the Challenges of Divestment
Daniel O’Connell

A Sleight of Hand – Removal of Religious Education from the Primary School Curriculum
Niall Ahern
Homilies for July (A)
New Books
Thomas O’Connor
The Catholic Church and the Campaign for Emancipation
in Ireland and England
Bill Tinley

Once We Sang like Other Men
Niall Ahern
Maynooth College Chapel
Michael Conway
The Happiness Habit
Michael Conway

A Road to Rome
Shorter Notices
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