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March 2019


Edmond CullinanLooking for Light: the Lessons of the Exile
Michael A. Conway Finding Your Place: Family, Story and Identity
Aidan Mathews Three Trimesters Later – Reflections on a Referendum
David Hodges,OSB La Sagrada Familia
David Mullins The ‘New Covenant – A perspective on the future of the Church-State relationship
Bridie Stringer For such a time as this
Kevin O’Gorman, SMAFormation for Sport
Andrew McMahon Homilies for April (C)
News and Views
Myriam Wijlens/Eugene Duffy Peter and Paul Seminar
New Books
Kevin O’Gorman, SMAJourneying with Luke
Henry O’Shea, OSB The Cultural Reception of The Bible
Julia Meszaros Holy Families
Malachy McKeeverSpeaking on God’s behalf
John-Paul Sheridan Hopeful Hopkins/Bright Wings, Dappled Things
Neil Xavier O’Donoghue Fundamentals of Catholic Dogma
Brian Kavanagh We need one another
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