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March 2021


Gerard Condon Religious Literacy: Lessons from the Pandemic
Nihal AbeyasinghaAmoris Laetitia and Pastoral Discernment
Gareth Byrne/Bernadette Sweetman Responses of Clergy and Lay People to the Covid-19 crisis
Robert EganVoting and Conscience
Aloysius Gonzaga Lumala How African Reconciliatory Theology can Enrich the Sacrament of Penance
Michael G. Lawler/Todd A. Salzman The Jesus we Believe in was Right-Brained: “Go and Do Likewise”
Liam Kelly, O.F.M. Homilies for April (B)
News and Views
Vincent McBrierty The Sign of the Cross
Christopher Garrett
Covid-19, Immunity and Religion.
New Books
Niall Coll Women’s Ordination in the Catholic Church
P.J. McAuliffe A Calvary Covenant/Hearers of the Word
Michael CollinsThe Eagle, The Tiger and Covid
Séan Corkery Paradise
Pól Ó Duibhir No Complaints
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