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Millennial Matters – Reconnecting the Disconnected


Recently I have had the opportunity to reconnect with people that I’ve met over the years. In turn this led me to revisit places that mean something special to me and review some programmes that I was part of. Overall whilst nostalgic it also alerted me to the reality that many people active in ministry are busy maintaining structures and systems that have less relevance to the faith needs of emerging generations. Somewhere in all the cultural changes in Ireland in the last twenty years, we forgot to understand and listen to those who belong to what sociologists call Generation X and the Millennials.

Younger generations, those aged under fifty are more inclined to go to Costa for coffee or concerts than to Church. Where their parents joined parish groups, emerging generations join communities in their local gym, a bookclub or online. Few join faith based groups. Their world is one that outwardly is fast paced and deals with here and now. They have no nostalgia for history. They have no emotional attachment to Church. They are detached and disconnected.