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Ministers and Ministry – Midwifing something new in an Irish context


The prophet Habakkuk writes, “The vision still has its time, presses onto fulfilment and it will not disappoint … and if it delays, wait for it [2:3]”. In some ways this captures one of the major challenges of ministry. We grapple to discover God’s vision for the times we live in. Our impatience, or maybe our lack of ability to discern God’s vision, causes us to supplant our view of what we believe ministry should be. Inevitably, this turns out to be a vision with a small ‘v’ for it has but one purpose; to ease our sense of angst as we attempt to regain control.
Sometimes what God has envisioned is just too vast for us. We attempt to tame the panoramic view God gifts us, by viewing life through the keyhole of our limited imagination.

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