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October 2020


Gerry O’Hanlon, SJ The Light from the Southern Cross – for Ireland too?
Neil Xavier O’Donoghue Redeemably Awful: The Challenges of the Extraordinary Form
Patrick H. Daly The Secular Priest in the Thought of Pope Francis
Niamh Brennan Love-energy: activating the energies of love as anecological response
Stefan Gillow Reynolds Lectio Divina on the Book of the Apocalypse
Brian Cosgrove Metaphysical Horizons: on Being Blessed in One’s Choice of Reading
Sean O Conaill Redemption as Freedom Now
Edmond Cullinan Homilies for November (A)
Featured Review
Kevin O’Gorman, SMAServing a Wounded World
New Books
Kevin O’Gorman, SMAYou have the Words of Eternal Life
P.J. McAuliffe Advent and Christmas 2020-2021/ Alert, Aware, Attentive
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