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October 2022


Michael A. Conway ‘This Little Heart of Mine’: Education in the Catholic Tradition
Columba McCann Are We Talking to God or to Ourselves? A Test Case in Liturgical Orientation
Errol Xavier Lobo ‘Usque ad Sanguinis Effusionem’: The Historical and Theological Foundations of the Inviolability of the Seal of Confession
Paul Clayton-Lea C. S. Lewis and the ‘Wee’ County of Louth
John J. Burkhard A Sacramental Theology for Today
Thomas R. Whelan Liturgy, Mission and Ministry in Ireland Today: Random Reflections and Thoughts
Phil MortellHomilies for November (C)
New Books
Liam Bergin Sacred Oils
Neil Xavier O’ Donoghue Festal Icons: History and Meaning
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