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Ronan Drury Editor of The Furrow, 1977-2017


On behalf of the Trustees of The Furrow I invite you to join us in sorrow at the death on Thursday 16 November of our beloved and talented editor Ronan Drury. In a special place I mention the
readers of The Furrow who, month after month, have been offered food for Christian living and thought, provocative and encouraging ideas, well written comments on the Church, and especially on the Irish Church and its efforts as well as its shortcomings. Under the influence of a tireless and gifted editor the style was well mannered, a sense of surprise was engendered as one stepped from one contribution to another, leaped from dark into light, from complaint into praise, from caution to challenge. In every issue Ronan Drury was the helmsman, adjusting the sails to a theologian
here, a poet there, a critic where criticism was called for.