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September 2022

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Brian Grogan, S.J. Synodal Spirituality: Poised Expectancy
Anne M. Codd Becoming a Synodal Church in Local Context: Conversation, Consultation and Dialogue
Gerry O’Hanlon, S.J. Synodality, the sensus fidei and Doctrine
Tony Hanna New Ecclesial Movements [NEM], Synodality and Co-Responsibility
Michael Shortall The Synodal Pathway in Tallaght
Kevin O’Gorman SMA Synodality – A Theological Glossary (Part 2)
Chris Hayden Homilies for October (C)
New Books
Suzanne Mulligan The Church in Pluralist Society: Social and Political Roles.
Anne M. Codd PBVM Becoming a Pastoral Council
P.J. McAuliffe The 17 Irish Martyrs
Michael Shortall Marriage, Family and the Church: A Boat with New Nets.
To Bring Comfort and Consolation: Bereavement Ministry
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