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Charles Nyamiti: An African Theologian


In May 2020, Africa lost one of its finest theologians, the Tanzanian Charles Nyamiti (1931-2020). Together with prominent writers like Vincent Mulago, John S. Mbiti, Appiah-Kubi, Kwesi Dickson, Bénéze Bujo, Eboussi Bulaga, Ela J. M., Emmanuel Bolaji Idowu, he belongs to a generation of creative African theologians who pioneered Christian theological reflection from an African perspective. Prior to the independence of many African countries in the 1960s and 70s, the views of Africans and their religiosity were mostly articulated by European missionaries, historians, and anthropologists. While they were ground-breaking in many ways, they sometimes were oblivious to certain cultural nuances and sensibilities in which many Africans were aware.

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