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Food and the Environmental Crisis: The Christian Approach


What we eat or refrain from eating is today a significant issue for our health, whereas a generation or so ago concern for most people arose in relation to the regulations of the Lenten fast. Some will still recall the one full meal and two collations and the difficulty in deciding what these quantities amounted to. But of late, a whole new perspective has been added, expanding our concern beyond health issues and religiously motivated fasting to include the welfare of animals, the welfare of the planet and, ultimately, our survival as a species of planet dwellers.
There is growing recognition of the interconnectedness of all creation. Much research has been done on climate change caused by human activity and on the previously unquestioned practice of killing and eating animals. Many are now more aware than in the past that a malaise affects humanity in relation to its place in the world. Christians look to the Book of Genesis for an explanation of this malaise.

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