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April 2022

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Kevin O’Gorman, SMA SYNODALITY – A Theological Glossary
Priscilla Fitzpatrick Families at the Centre: The Spirituality of the Home
D. Vincent Twomey, SVD Catholic Politicians, Legislation and Holy Communion
Carleigh Garcia Catholic Shame & Female Blame: Edna O’Brien and The Country Girls Trilogy
V.J.McBrierty et al The Great Reset and Synodality in the Church
Hilda Geraghty Soul Brothers? – St Paul and Pierre Teilhard de Chardin SJ
Gerald O’Collins Translating Vatican II
Brenda Dolphin, RSM Homilies for May [C]
New Books
Michael Shortall Counsels of the Holy Spirit: A Reading of St Ignatius’s Letters.
Kevin O’Gorman, SMA See God Act Come Drink at the Fountain
John-Paul Sheridan Revisiting the vision of Fr. Patrick J. Whitney
Shorter Notice
Channelling the Inner Fire : Ignatian Spirituality in 15 Points
The Courage of Their Convictions: Stories of Inspirational Men and Women of Faith
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