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June 2019

June 2019

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John McEvoy/Jim Malone Christian Muslim Dialogue: Continuity from Francis of Assisito Pope Francis
Thomas G. Casey, SJ Jacques, my hero
Paul Clayton-Lea Pathways to Peace for the Holy Land
Martin Kelly The Cross and Resurrection: Holy Week 2019
Gerard Gallagher Christus Vivit
Donal HarringtonFirst Communion on Sunday: Reflecting on the Dublin experience
Jessie Rogers Homilies for July (C)
News and Views
Fiachra LongNotre-Dame burns
James O’Halloran, SDB Peaceful Revolution in the Church
New Books
Luke Macnamara, OSB Life in Community Hope in All Things
Liam M. Tracey, OSM Prayer of the Faithful
Amelia Fleming The Elephant in the Church
Jessie Rogers Finding God in a Leaf
Michael Collins Spiritual Conferences
Brian Kavanagh Second Marriage in the Catholic Church
Henry O’Shea, OSB Following the Pink Ribbon Path
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May 2019

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+Eamon Martin The Protection of Minors in the Church
Donal Dorr, SPS What Kind of God?
Oscar Romero Reflection
Mary Finbarr Coffey Ministry and Leadership in Early Christianity
Hugh MacMahon, SSC Freedom From and Freedom For: The Heritage of the Celtic monks and Today’s Ireland
Patrick Manning Daniel O’Connell and the Dublin Review
Pádraig McCarthy Unjust Law and False Truth
Aoife McGrath Homilies for June (C)
News and Views
Margaret Hickey The Role of a Catholic Legislator
Denis O’Callaghan The Culture of Clericalism
John-Paul Sheridan A Call for Submissions
New Books
William Adamson The Collected Works of Gerald 318Manley Hopkins Vol. V.
Kevin O’Gorman, SMAPedro Arrupe, SJ
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April 2019

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Suzanne MulliganThe Occupied Territories Bill: A Superficial Gesture or a Moment of Solidarity?
David Harold-Barry, SJ The Anvil of Conscience
Jonathan LeakeyPrayer, Action and St. Francis de Sales
Chris Monaghan, CP Biblical Resources For Renewal
Bill Cosgrave Oscar Romero – Martyr for Social Justice
Aidan Ryan Faith in the Future
Gearóid Dullea Homilies for May (C)
News and Views
John-Paul Sheridan Religion: A Subject Like Others?
Stefan Gillow Reynolds National Identity and Religion: an unhealthy mix?
Featured Review
Michael A. Conway Achill: The Island
New Books
Liam M. Tracey, OSM The Glenstal Companion to the Easter Vigil
Henry O’Shea OSBChoosing Peace
Kevin O’Gorman SMA Stories and Portraits
Brian Kavanagh How to Sit with God
Neil Xavier O’Donoghue The Catechism of the Council of Trent for parish priests
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March 2019

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Edmond CullinanLooking for Light: the Lessons of the Exile
Michael A. Conway Finding Your Place: Family, Story and Identity
Aidan Mathews Three Trimesters Later – Reflections on a Referendum
David Hodges,OSB La Sagrada Familia
David Mullins The ‘New Covenant – A perspective on the future of the Church-State relationship
Bridie Stringer For such a time as this
Kevin O’Gorman, SMAFormation for Sport
Andrew McMahon Homilies for April (C)
News and Views
Myriam Wijlens/Eugene Duffy Peter and Paul Seminar
New Books
Kevin O’Gorman, SMAJourneying with Luke
Henry O’Shea, OSB The Cultural Reception of The Bible
Julia Meszaros Holy Families
Malachy McKeeverSpeaking on God’s behalf
John-Paul Sheridan Hopeful Hopkins/Bright Wings, Dappled Things
Neil Xavier O’Donoghue Fundamentals of Catholic Dogma
Brian Kavanagh We need one another
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February 2019

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Kevin HargadenMaking a Meal of It: After Eight
John ManganAmoris Laetitia and Movements for Christian Marriage
Kathleen McGarveyInterreligious Dialogue and Muslim Migration to Europe
Brendan Carmody, SJ Religion: A Subject Like Others?
Emmanuel Abuh Suffering and Love
Brian Lennon, SJAbuse, Action and Hope: a reflection on Pope Francis’ visit to Ireland
Patrick Manning Homilies for March (C)
John Cullen Homily for St. Patrick’s Day
News and Views
John O’Loughlin Kennedy A Conflict Of ‘Infallibilities’?
New Books
Michael G. Olden Waterford Merchants and their Families on Distant Shores
Michael Mullaney The St Patrick’s Treasury
Michel Simo Temgo, SCJ The Mind of Pope Francis
Gearóid Dullea The Parnell split in Westmeath
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January 2019

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Gerard CondonFacing the Reality of Fewer Priests
Kevin O’Gorman, SMA
Faith in Sport
John McEvoy/ Jim Malone Evolution and Incarnation: a Franciscan Perspective
David Hodges , OCSO Christian Unity
Owen F. Cummings Remembering Charles Davis
Billy Swan Tackling the root causes
Vincent Doyle Children of Priests
Noel O’Sullivan Homilies for February (C)
News and Views
Pat Courtney The Seal of Confession and Canon Law
Michael Heffernan Faith and Science
New Books
Dympna Mallon Five years to Save the Irish Church
David Harold-Barry, SJ The Quiet Revolution of Pope Francis
Suzanne Mulligan Defending Hope: Dispatches from the front lines in Palestine and Israel
Reg Naulty Absolute Power
Frank Regan Revolutionary Saint
Henry O’Shea, OSB God Ever Greater
Sharing The Wisdom of Time
Awakening Inner Peace
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December 2018

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Luke Macnamara OSBThe Three Rs of Exceptional Health Care – A Benedictine Perspective
Daniel O’Connell

Catholic primary schools – on rapidly thinning ice
Desmond Egan Romero Lives – ‘If I am killed I shall arise’
Andrew McMahon‘New’ Ireland and Pope Francis
Hugh MacMahon
The Challenges for Ireland: Returning Missionary’s View
Jonathan BurroughsCaught in a Bind: Experiencing the Akedah
Neil Xavier O’Donoghue Homilies for January (C)
News and Views
Bernard Cotter Reflections on Halloween.
New Books
Niall Ahern Pope Francis in Ireland
Michael Collins The Beatitudes of Pope Francis
Oliver Treanor The International Eucharistic Congresses
John-Paul SheridanChrist’s Illumination Upon Every Heart
Shorter Notice
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November 2018

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Paul Clayton-Lea In Memoriam – Ronan Drury
Patrick Hannon

What Now?
Martin M. LintnerVision and Vocation of the Family in Amoris Laetitia
Sean O’Conaill / Eugene McElhinney
Catholic Education and the Future: Insights from René Girard
Niall Ahern
Homilies for December (C)
Featured Review
Thomas R. Whelan The Mass Settings of Seán and Peadar Ó Riada
New Books
Kevin O’Gorman SMATouched By GOD
Eugene Duffy The Pope Francis Agenda
Giovanna FeeleyWhy We Go to Mass
Neil Xavier O’DonoghueFour Offaly Saints
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October 2018

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Kieran Fitzsimons Welcoming our LGBT+ Sisters and Brothers
Michael G. Lawler/Todd A. Salzman

“You Always Have the Poor with You”
Kevin Hegarty Irish Catholicism: Will it survive? Does it matter?
Colin Thomson
Antigypsyism: A Gospel Challenge
Kevin Egan/Cora Lambert
Moving Beyond a Clerical Culture
Isabelle Smyth Homilies for November (B)
Featured Review
Brendan P. Devlin Reclaiming our Local Heritage
New Books
Niamh Pattwell
Dear Pilgrims/The White Silhouette
Declan Marmion, S.M.
Trinity: A Story of Deep Delight
Kevin O’Gorman SMATell me, Jesus, who you are
Bairbre de Burca Love Life: A holistic understanding of ageing.
Frank Regan The Courage To Be Happy
Pope Francis
Excerpt from his address at Dublin Castle 2018
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September 2018

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Lawrence Pang God Is With Us
Michael A. Conway
Intercommunion of One and All – Theology and its Future
Dermot A. Lane Praying the New Cosmology
Denis O’Callaghan Archbishop Denis Hurley: A Personal Memoir
Patrick Manning The Seal of Confession: Cultural Challenges
Luke Macnamara, OSB
Homilies for October (B)
Tom Corbett Maynooth Union President’s Address
News and Views
Mary Kearns A Catholic Guesthouse in New York City.
Reg Naulty Latent Spiritual Capacities
Donal Linehan A Centre of Light
New Books
Noel O’Sullivan
Faith Finding A Voice
Vincent O’Hara, ODC
Love’s Doorway to Life
Terence O’Reilly
The Wisdom of Love in the Song of Songs
Gearóid Dullea
Smile of Joy: Mary of Nazareth
Luke Macnamara, OSB The Sign. Reading the Gospel of John
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