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May 2023

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+ Michael Czerny, SJ In Times of Unprecedented crises how can Catholic Social Teaching help us?
Ethna Regan, CHF The Global and the Local in Catholic Social Teaching.
+ Eamon Martin Truth Recovery, Reconciliation and the Churches
Luke Macnamara, OSB The Transfiguration – A Biblical Meditation
Margaret Cartwright, Anne Codd, Gerard Gallagher Enlarge the Space of your Tent [Is 54:2]: Vocation and the Universal Call to Holiness.
Brían de Búrca, OMI Mary, Our Lady of Faith: Mother of the Church – ‘the first and most perfect of Christ’s disciples.’ [2]
Tony Hanna Homilies for June [A]
New Books
Liam Bergin Nature’s Way: A Guide to GreenTherapy
Paul Connell Local Matters – Parish, Local Government and Community in Ireland
Reg Naulty Catholicism. A Global History from the French Revolution to Pope Francis.
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