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October 2018

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Kieran Fitzsimons Welcoming our LGBT+ Sisters and Brothers
Michael G. Lawler/Todd A. Salzman

“You Always Have the Poor with You”
Kevin Hegarty Irish Catholicism: Will it survive? Does it matter?
Colin Thomson Antigypsyism: A Gospel Challenge
Kevin Egan/Cora Lambert Moving Beyond a Clerical Culture
Isabelle Smyth Homilies for November (B)
Featured Review
Brendan P. Devlin Reclaiming our Local Heritage
New Books
Niamh Pattwell Dear Pilgrims/The White Silhouette
Declan Marmion, S.M. Trinity: A Story of Deep Delight
Kevin O’Gorman SMA Tell me, Jesus, who you are
Bairbre de Burca Love Life: A holistic understanding of ageing.
Frank Regan The Courage To Be Happy
Pope Francis Excerpt from his address at Dublin Castle 2018
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