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February 2022


Michael A. Conway ‘I put my mouth’: Teaching from Technology to Theology
Patrick H. Daly The Office of Bishop in the Thought of Pope Francis
Tony Hanna A New Vocabulary: Delta, Omicron, Co-responsibility, Synodality
Hilda Geraghty To integrate the world views of science and religion
Margaret Naughton Wounded Healers in Recovery – a Church of and for the Future
V.J. McBrierty and D.M.D Murphy The Church in Crisis: the Prophetic Dimension
Moira A. Glencorse et al Cultural change in the Vatican
Mary T. Brien Homilies for March (C)
New Books
Colmán Ó Clabaigh OSB Mission to a Suffering People: Irish Jesuits 1596-1696.
Luke Macnamara OSB Mysteries of the Lord’s Prayer.
Pope Francis Fratelli Tutti on Religion and Violence
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