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‘I put my mouth’: Teaching from Technology to Theology


Because of the vicissitudes of life, it turns out that I’ve attended lectures and classes in several disciplines, in several languages, in several institutions, and in several countries.1 And when I look back on it all, what I can say (and these statistics are purely subjective) is that about 60% of those classes (you’ll excuse me using theological language) were as boring as hell – soul destroying, dispiriting, manipulative, unilateral, sleep-inducing, and disconnected from reality as I knew it then; about 5% were like being in heaven – intellectually stimulating, respectful of the students’ presence, out of time, engaging, energising, and leaving one in suspense for the next session; and the remaining 35% were somewhere in between – not quite purgatory, but, sometimes, close enough. And these judgements were not only mine, but they were shared by many who took these same classes.

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