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Emerging Christianity


In our world today there is a movement to rebuild Christianity from the bottom up. This movement is gathering momentum across all the Christian Churches. It is referred to by people like Richard Rohr as Emerging Christianity. Emerging Christianity is the recognition that Christianity is more than a belonging and belief system. It is primarily a spiritual path that is the way of Jesus. Emerging Christianity is rediscovering a truth that seems to have been forgotten – it is not just enough for us to have faith in Jesus we also need to have the faith of Jesus. In other  words, with St Paul, we need to put on the mind of Christ (see I Cor 2:16). One of the leading
figures in the Emerging Christianity movement is an American pastor and author called Brian McLaren. This is how he articulates the search for a new kind of Christianity:
“We are on a quest for a new kind of Christianity – a faith liberated from the institutional and dogmatic straight-jackets we inherited, a way of life that integrates the personal and the social dimensions of spirituality, a practice that integrates contemplation and dynamic action.”
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